Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil

What started as a hobby set on reproducing some of the Tuscan oils that Italy is known for, kept on growing—1200 olive trees now pepper the grounds of Cimarossa. Dino brought some of his native Italian traditions to our side of the globe by importing five different varietals which comingle amidst the grape vines—a common practice in Italy. The red volcanic soil that dominates the property yields the intense flavors found in Cimarossa's olive oil. Currently the vineyards produce less than 200 gallons of distinctively unique oil.

The Taggiasca variety is coveted by chefs around the globe and lends a mellow taste with its delicate flavor and fruit aroma—particularly special as it is a product of Genoa, Dino's hometown. Frantoio and Leccino are at the heart of the blending of Italian olive oils with Leccino lending a mild sweet flavor, as Frantoio contributes a "fruity" taste that lingers. The Coratina is strong and fruity with a bit of pepper and a hint of sweetness. The fifth and final varietal, Pendolino, serves as a pollinator ensuring even crop formation.

Much like the wines, the olive oil production is an affair of family and friends, all of whom come together when fall's harvest sets in. Everybody pitches in pulling olives. The adventurous climb up into high places to get the last of the pick, as others entertain by singing Italian songs—all part of the olive harvesting tradition at Cimarossa.

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